About Us

Eco Green Solar Power (pvt) Ltd

In the course of our environmental, industrial safety and quality management program. we are committed to the following values:
Ethics / morals: We respect human beings, the environment and nature - without exception. We see it as our duty to avoid environmental pollution and to improve our services with regard to the safety and health of our staff and, in consequence, to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries. The observance of social and ethical standards in terms of our CSR statement is a matter of course for us.

Honesty: We take it for granted to treat everyone with sincerity and integrity. The involvement of our staff and partners in current company developments and the mutual support in solving issues relating to quality, the environment and industrial safety are all cornerstones of our company's success. In order for us to be able to coordinate expectations and positions and to make decisions comprehensible, open communication is a must.

Quality and safety: Mankind and the environment, the product and its utilization - only together we can reach the optimum. In our understanding of quality and safety, we combine the sum of all expectations and demands placed by our customers on our products and services. it is our aim to

provide our customers worldwide with reliable state-of-the-art components and photovoltaic systems through structured internal and external communication paths, the qualification of our staff through regular and advanced training and the company-wide focus on achieving our company policy goals.

Humanity: We are convinced: social and corporate commitment pay off. Through our sustainable business activity we will be contributing towards protecting the environment, and, by using renewable energy sources, we will also be making it possible to provide a long-term, globally-viable, environmentally-friendly and conflict-free power supply. Eco Green Solar Power is aware of its responsibility as a major company and employer in the region of Upper Franconia and, because of this, supports social. cultural and environmentally-relevant activities.

Excellence: We always want to make extraordinary efforts to be an outstanding company. Our efforts towards continuous improvement are reflected in the constant further development of the efficiency of our management system. The regular assessment and adjustment of the system guarantees constant development towards achieving the targeted degree of excellence.

Our Mission

Solar is the world's most abundant and clean energy source that offers a tangible means for meeting electricity demands globally. Eco Green Solar strives to make solar energy a recognized and affordable energy solution by working with individuals, communities and businesses to develop regional-scale solar hubs that supply sustainable energy to meet domestic and industrial use, reduce greenhouse gases, and create a health environment for future generations.